From emotion to joy: your baby smiles at you!

Your baby's first smile is a moment of intense emotion, the subsequent ones a source of boundless happiness! These smiles are wonderful and are also a sign that your baby is developing and in contact with the world around them. And it's incredible!

The very first smile, reflex smiling

Your little baby is sleeping peacefully, in your arms or close by. You look at them longingly, they are so beautiful… and then, all of a sudden, no, you're not dreaming, they smile in their sleep! It's brilliant: a smile that lights up their sleeping face, a reflection of their well-being. They are well and they are feeling positive emotions so they produce this beautiful smile, unknowingly.

This smile is for you!

You, parents, smile so often at your baby… and, one day, a new miracle happens: they respond by smiling back at you! Because they know and recognise your face above all, just like your smell and your voice, they look at you, see your big smile and smile back. This is their first response smile, and it is a moment of intense emotion.

Behind this first real smile, a sign your baby is well

A loved, pampered child surrounded by affection is a child who has everything they need to blossom. Your baby feels your emotions1, they are a little sponge for feelings and pick up on all of yours. And one of the best feelings is sharing the happiness you feel having them so close to you, which makes you smile again and again. It's simply wonderful.

1Sourire de votre bébé de 0 à 3 mois : du sourire aux anges au sourire intentionnel, by Dr Guedeney and Dr Salinier, Chapter 3, Votre bébé vous sourit, souriez-lui ! mpedia, 16/09/2019


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Breast milk is the ideal food for infants. WHO recommends breastfeeding exclusively for the first 6 months and then continuation thereof until the age of 2 alongside the introduction, from 6 months, of safe and appropriate complementary foods. Please consult a healthcare professional if you need any advice about feeding your baby.