At what age does baby say their first words ?

From the first vowel that comes out of their mouth to their first words, your baby constructs their language throughout their first year. This communication between you has plenty of surprises and emotions in store for you.

Language acquisition starts at 2 months (1)

It starts with little vowel sounds, the “ahs” and “ohs”: at around 2 months old, these are the sounds your baby makes and, somewhat incredibly, they are imitating the song they hear in your voice! The days go by until one day they laugh! This baby’s laugh is one of the most moving sounds you will hear at around 3-4 months… laughing is a language that arrives long before words and brings with it a lot of joy! Finally, at around 5 months, a new little miracle happens: vowels meet consonants for the first time. We give you the “gahs” and “goos”!

From 6 months, baby constructs the meaning of words

17: this is the number of muscles in your baby’s tongue!1 From 6 months, they gradually reach a new milestone and start to understand the meaning of words. What does that mean? It means that when you name an object or a person, they make the connection between what you are saying and what you are showing them! Isn’t that amazing? Up to 9 months, they will move on from simple syllables like “ba-ba” to more complex ones all at once, like “baba-bibi” for example. And then...

Their first proper words!

From 9/10 months, you won’t believe your ears! It is at that age that your baby will say their first real words, and they will be for you and those closest to you: mama, dada, teddy... the simple words that you say so often will be the first ones your baby says. The time for language has truly begun, and it will grow richer and richer as the months pass, until you get one word you’ll be hearing a lot of. Which one? 

No! This happens at around 12 months and lasts their whole life!

Talk to your baby!

The bond you have formed with your baby since they were born, and even during your pregnancy, is also constructed with language and how you communicate with them. The words you say combined with what you show them are the building blocks of their future mastery of language. Songs, nursery rhymes, stories... they all contribute to the array of words you teach your baby when you talk to them. It’s no mean feat teaching them to communicate and make contact with the world around them… you’re amazing!

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